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what is the best shoes for runing ? wath is the best shoes for parkour ?so you can get the best shoes for training and we are happy to help you objective of this site help to get your best parkour shoes.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Parkour Shoes Should You Wear ?

Parkour  Shoes

My name is Ann Kaczka, I've been practicing Parkour since 2007. My first day training
was with David Belle at the New Yorker festival. And since then I've trained solo in Thailand,

climbing trees on the streets of London and Paris. And now I'm back in New York City.
And today I'm here to talk to you about Parkour.

So what to wear when your training Parkour: It does depend and vary from person to person.
Some people feel comfortable exercising in really baggy sweatpants while, others like

myself, I do prefer to exercise in sort-of tights, spandex bottoms and tight tops just
so that it doesn't snag on things. But It does vary, wear what right for you and what
works for you.

Ladies, please just do yourself a favor and buy a really good sports bra. The importance
is so paramount; those tissues stretch and they do not stretch back. So try and find

one with molded cups that's going to support you, thats made for a high impact activity
like running or horse-back riding-Spend a little bit of extra money, replace it every

six-twelve months. Your going to find, the investment is so worth it. Stay away from
low-impact Yoga tops. Stay away from regular sports bra's that won't support you as much

as you need. Jump around in the fitting room, go try a whole bunch on; make it into a day-wide
adventure. It doesn't really matter but, just buy one that really fits and don't wear a

normal bra when training. Its going to completely destroy the bra and its not going to give
you as much support as you need.

As far as shoes go again, buy what works for you. There have been a lot of shoes out on
the market lately that are specifically marketed and tailored towards people who are training

Parkour but like I said, find what works for you. Generally, you want to find something
thats pretty flexible, you want to find something thats light fit-obviously something that fits
your foot and something thats grippy as well.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Parkour Shoes - 3 qualities of the perfect shoe for Parkour

clothing for parkour ? A T-shirt or a sweater with a very wide pants to be quite free to move.
3 Best parkour shoes

To parkour we did not need special equipment, but what is useful is a good pair of shoes with a good performance, not too heavy,
flexible, etc.. I will talk about shoes Which are very good for parkour in my opinion: The Feiyue LO's, the WFPF KO's and Kalenji Ekiden 50.

We have the Feiyue's is a very light and very narrow shoe. They have a lot of strength. But in my opinion, the Feiyue's are for advanced tracers because if you do not control your receptions, you'll have a hard heel.
Feiyue's parkour shoes

Then the WFPF KO generation 2. They have a lot of outfit and are light enough. They are pretty but they exist in only one color. KO cost a little expensive if you buy them outside the United States. They are good shoes for advanced and beginners tracers tracers.

parkour shoes WFPF KO

Then the Kalenji Ekiden50, they are great shoes for parkour. The shoes have a lot of holding, they are very light, they absorb shock very well and they are not expensive at all! They cost € 20! But they do not last too long.

Kalenji Ekiden50

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Parkour Equipment 2014

Parkour Equipment

 Hi My names is Matthew and we've  come to a bite of the equipment time. Now the best                        thing about parkour is tat you knees really no equipment at all. All you knees is a good pair of sneakers you can run in and you ready to go . now if you want to be more of  an enthusiast and you want to take care of yourself a little bit better, you are going try and do a couple things tp protect your health along with your scrapes and bruise sand things like that. The first  thing I am going to show you is the sports ulcer. Every traceur usually has his keys or his cell or a wallet or at least ID . You should always  carry an ID with you when you are doing so this is the sports ulcer. it has packages of little pockets and everything. it even has little place to put  your keys and there are secret pockets and  when you look in TH back, you can also put things . now you don't  want to do that because when you are rolls, it will definitely interfere  but if you are just running, it is going to be okay . Anther thing is a poly sorb. my Spence is the best one that I have seen. it really helps you with impacts and landing and if you want to save your feet from any potential damaging things. These are washable and they last for quite a long time . I've had mine for over a year now and its been great. The nest we have this little gadget here and it is a Keane support. It's made by Mcdavid. That is the only one that         I have seen but it helps for slaughter syndrome and a bunch of jumpers it helps with keeping your kenned cap in place and not sliding.it is really important thing is you can wear gloves if you like . Most hard core tracers don't usually use gloves but when you are first starting out you might want to use a heavy duty type glove. Make sure that things cut out because you will fall if you are trying to Scotch on to a ledge. it is not really good. If it is raining outside, it's not going to help any thing like that . anther you can try is wrist support your impacting your wrist a lot and you can find any type of simple wrist support that will help you out . It is going to keep you twist injured, carpal tunnel and other things like taht.it is really helpful. For the last thing, you want to try and get a really good pair of shoes. now here i am using the Merrell shoe. There are a lot of different types of shoes you can use out there parkour shoe.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Merrell Hammer Glove - parkour shoe

Hey I'm john , a sales from Merrell and i am here today to tell you about the Hammer Glove.
The Hammer Glove is a low-profile barefoot training shoe and is perfect for a variety of sports, training in the gym even running. It is part of our new M-connect series, which is a light and barefoot inspired product so that you really feel the ground underneath you . that's support for lateral movement, a natural ride platform and it provides superior grind connection .

Now let's Break that down .

if you look at the inside of the shoe, you will see that the upper has a band that really secure the foot, but also provides durability and protection during any sort during any sort of cross training or road climb and that shoe stay the Best shoe for parkour  it also has a great breathable mesh upper and a personalized band over the midfoot that it really helps adjust the fit.

 It's also made to be worn barefoot so it has great next to skin feel. The Hammer Glove is built on our natural Zero drop platform, which means it has no difference in the heel vs the forefoot, putting your foot into a natural position to stimulate your muscles, strengthen your feet and help along your posture . It's contoured so when coupled with the upper, it creates a great sock-like fit. As long as we are talking about barefoot and bare feet, the shoes are also  machine washable.

they are Aegis antimicrobial. which also helps to keep things fresh. And last, we have prated with the vibram for an outsole that is designed to flex with your foot, while providing superior traction and ground connection one of the reasons why I really like of the Hammer Glove is the fact that it gives me the same fit and feel  as a lot of our traditional barefoot running shoes with a little more lateral support.

So if you are looking for a parkour shoe to wear in ant of your fitness classes are any other training activities, Make sure to pick up the Merrell Hammer Glove.

parkour shoe 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reebok Nano U-Form Parkour shoe

Best parkour shoes 2014
Today we are taking a look  at the Reebok crossfit nano U-From trainer . This shoe is a lightweight trainer designed specifically for crossfit athletes to run , jump, climb an lift heavy things while wearing a single pair of shoes. the first thing that stood out to me on this shoe is really wide toe-box. This was used to allow a natural, almost barefoot  feel inside the shoe.

 it allows to spread your toes and really dig into the shoe.
Next, the tongue of the shoe is thin and it's the perfect length. it doesn't slid back into the shoe like some other brands do and it isn't  big and puffy and aggravating .

The opening of the shoe is cut nice and low and allows plenty of ankle mobility without rubbing or hitting the actual ankle bone itself. but the shoe strings, as can you tell are a little bit short. This was a little bit of a nuisance- I'd rather them be too long and i need to double not them than they be to short and have to re-tie them.
the to cap of the shoe is adorned with Reeboks' "Dura-Grip" coating, which feels all most like a thin layer of liquid cement on the end of the shoe.This will certainly come in handy for many Crossfit exercises and should prevent premature degradation of the shoe around the toe area .

  The  rest of the shoe is a very durable. let's' made of a breathable material, this flesh here and you can find all over the shoe  and speaking of climbing rope, turn your attention the inner arch of the shoe here. What you will see are these knobby sections and this is designed to allow you to easier grip the rope.

 Less slipping means less wasted energy, and faster times! the sole of the shoes is fairly stiff and should be quite durable under normal use. The grip is excellent on dry surfaces but can get a little sloppy on wet surfaces . Because of the stiff sole design and grip design, these are recommended for trail parkour . and  this shoe is to good for parkour. And is proven that is parkour shoes.

Friday, October 11, 2013

parkour shoe (Shoe review 1)

#-Nike lmpax : 

hey everyone, this is nathaniel from TCPK. and today I'm just going to reviewing some shoes, basically since the time that l started doing parkour to now. pros, cons, what you should look for when you're getting your shoe. stuff like that. So let's just get started.
So, this basically the first pair of shoe that got specifically for parkour not the best to be honest, for what I was looking for not the best .As you can see, these things are not very flexible you've got to try pretty hard to get those ... in therms of latera flexibility, there's basically none. they're heavy; sure they absorb impact but that encourages bad from anyway . So really ,all in all

not the Best shoe for parkour,  if were looking for a cross-trainer or something like that. Something heavy so that you can you know then this is fine , but for parkour, no and forerunning, don't even go there,

nike parkour shoe

#-Puma :

 there's actually another shoe that I had before I go these ones. But it's basically the same thing so it's not really a big deal. And I couldn't find them Alright so.
This shoe is good shoe, not a lot of padding in the back.
I don't know if you can see that; not a lot of padding.which is good, because I mean , you know, it's good you'd end up hurting your Keynes involuntarily Good shoe, the only problem I really had with them (other than the fact that they break pretty easy ) is that, as you can see on the bottom; up here where your foot would be, extends past the rubber on both sides. so  stability isn't quite there. So maybe if you land you're landing a little bit offside, there's more a chance of you rolling your foot.Good shoe though!

puma parkour shoe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

890 parkour Shoe featuring REVlite

Hey, I'm Madix From new balance st lapis, here to tell you today about new balance's latest lightweight forma technology, REVITE.

EEVlite is 30% lirhter weighte than traditional midsole materials . it has same responsiveness, durability, and comfort. REVlite debut with the 890 running shoe  which weights 9.5 ounces.this shoe is good for walking or running; men or women fin it online, or in a store near you.

and that why this shoe is good for running parkour because this shoe make your feet so Comfortable when you jump, REVIT is the Best parkour shoes.

#-New Balance 1540 Running Shoe

I'm here to tell you today about the  new released  update to the 1123, the 1540.

 this optimal control shoe has a full contact outsole, whish is great for taking strain off the ankles, the kness, and hips. the rollback is a graphite bracket that keeps the foundation of the shoe from breaking down unevenly, which is great for heavy heel strikers, overprint, and supinators the shoe is also built on a straight last, which is great for custom orthotics or upgraded New Balance insoles.

and the extra wide toe box is going to allow the foot to breathe and relax the seamless upper also the soft padded heel provide 360 degrees of comfort. the lightweight cushioning makes the shoe an instant classic. Last but not least, this shoe is made is USA.